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ARTX by Ownner
Art Trading Marketplace
ARTX by Ownner is the worlds first SEC regulated blockchain vertical for physical art, digital art and intellectual property. Through the ARTX Marketplace creators can fractionalize, tokenize and make available their physical and digital art with ARTX acting as custodian.
Orphic by Ownner
Art Investment Platform
Orphic by Ownner is a proprietary Art Investment platform that ranges from global art scouting, contemporary art expert investment research and valuation, to authenticity verification, purchasing, insuring and storing of artwork.
IP Investment by Ownner
IP Investing Marketplace
The Intellectual Property (IP) Marketplace by Ownner enables the monetization, trading and investment in traditionally illiquid Intellectual Property assets.
REX by Ownner
Real Estate Marketplace
REX by Ownner is a Real Estate Marketplace that enables the monetization of illiquid Real Estate assets such as individual Real Estate that has no access to capital markets.

Bringing broader products, greater liquidity & speed to financial markets.

Marketplace Platforms:
Art Trading Marketplace
Contemporary Art Investment
Real Estate Marketplace
Intellectual Property Marketplace

Built for all investor types.

Ownner is an SEC regulated company with a brokers, dealers and custodian license to originate digital products based on real world asserts and operate marketplace platforms for these assets invested and traded through blockchain technology.

Ownner’s objective is to go beyond traditional financial instruments, creating monetization of assets, which cannot be done with traditional financial market solutions.

Under Ownner's umbrella, digital technology fractionalization allows securities to be sold in infinite numbers which provides the flexibility to split illiquid asset into smaller tradable fractions in the form of tokens allowing asset owners to raise funds and investors to invest.

Ownner’s proprietary Marketplace Platforms are built for all investor types - from institutional and professional investors to the casual investor. All have to opportunity to invest, trade, and fundraise using Ownner's state of the art blockchain based Marketplace Platforms.