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IP Investing Marketplace

IP Investment by Ownner
The Intellectual Property (IP) Marketplace by Ownner enables the monetization, trading and investment in traditionally illiquid Intellectual Property assets.

With Ownner's IP Marketplace investors can now trade and invest in assets such as
  • Movie, Music & Video Productions
  • Professional Contracts and Side Contracts of Athletes such as Soccer and Basketball Players
  • Energy & Carbon Trading Contracts
  • Metaverse E-Commerce Projects
  • An Intellectual Property Investment Marketplace

    A first of its kind blockchain based marketplace for Intellectual Property Investment & Trading. Now that's powerful.

    Ownner Team

    The Ownner Team has an extensive track record in creating, minting, executing, and selling on the blockchain.

    As an SEC regulated company with a Broker and Dealers license in the US, Ownner's decentralized Marketplace Platform provides access to investors in over 70 countries. Ownner empowers all classes of investors - from institutional and professional investors to the casual investor an opportunity an opportunity for portfolio diversification.

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