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Real Estate Marketplace

REX by Ownner
REX by Ownner is a Real Estate Marketplace that enables the monetization of illiquid Real Estate assets such as individual Real Estate that has no access to capital markets.

Origination and Marketplace for Digital Bonds issued out of Single Tenant NNN Lease, Commercial Real Estate in the United States and Canada.

Monetization of Real Estate owners' recurrent income from Airbnb or similar assets in the United States and Canada is also possible through DBonds by Ownner.
A Digital Bond Real Estate Marketplace

Access to an untapped vast universe of assets. REX makes Real Estate Investing and Ownership more accessible. Real Estate Decentralized.

Ownner Team

The Ownner Team has an extensive track record in creating, minting, executing, and selling on the blockchain.

As an SEC regulated company with a Broker and Dealers license in the US, Ownner's decentralized Marketplace Platform provides access to investors in over 70 countries. Ownner empowers all classes of investors - from institutional and professional investors to the casual investor an opportunity an opportunity for portfolio diversification.

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