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Art Trading Marketplace

ARTX by Ownner
ARTX by Ownner is the worlds first SEC regulated blockchain vertical for physical art, digital art and intellectual property. Through the ARTX Marketplace creators can fractionalize, tokenize and make available their physical and digital art with ARTX acting as custodian. ARTX provides seamless asset management by offering full custody, storage, insurance, authenticity, and curation services.

The ARTX Marketplace secures and mobilizes physical art into the future in a way that is facile, so the provenance of each piece is verified, its individual value recognized, and the art itself, celebrated. Ultimately, ARTX presents an intuitive way to preserve the culture of the visual arts in a future-focused universe.
A Physical Art, Digital Art & IP Trading Marketplace

Ownner offers solutions that can monetize asserts in a way that cannot be done with traditional financial market solutions. ARTX provides everyone a way to safety, securely invest and trade art.


Ownner brings a strong track record in creating, minting, trading and selling digital securities through its ARTX Team.

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